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PIM up!

the umbilical boulevard of sky
moving under gravity
its white processions made softly earthbound

new PIM

the door has a glaze
a split silhouette
is swallowed
in flashes of my lantern

On the banks
of currency
lonely disheveled
materialistic capitalism
comes upon
emblazoned prestige


Been cleaning the apartment all day ... one of those cleaning days where you make more mess than clean up ... where you find more projects than succeed in finishing them

The moon floats out of heaven.
The sun elsewhere
patiently hopes to see
its curves.

5 random thoughts for today

1. I bought A Dirty Shame today at Hastings. I'm not ashamed. This movie is funny. Especially for a movie with NC-17 rating. ;)
2. One of the most most most frustrating things in the world is playing a video game ... saving your progress of hours ... then accidently copying over it ... makes you want to throw your Playstation across the room. ARGH!
3. The campus bookstore totally screwed up my book order. I'll be spending a lot of time at the copying machine this semester.
4. I'm still debating whether to move to Little Rock. Pros: It's Little Rock, not Conway. Cons: Moving all this crap ... I don't even know how I managed to move my refrigerator in ... I'm not excited about getting it out. For that matter, what am I doing owning a refrigerator!
5. Starkz will be playing at Juanita's on Aug. 20. And they will have a new CD. I guess you'll know where to find me that night. (Note: Hot lead singer)

PIM of winter for a hot summer day ... (I'm going to eat some cherry chocolate ice cream now)

Just thin January
reaching the coatless
A secret the sun keeps
Its fires laugh at
shivering heads

Aug. 2nd, 2005

I've been on a roll creating online journals for some odd reason. A former student mentioned to me this site Xanga. So I set up a online journal on their site too. Check it out. It's got a few interesting things to offer.
Tao of Johnny's Xanga site

I figured I'd use it to talk about the many things I'm reading, watching, and playing.

Political results

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Defense and Crime: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Quick IQ test results

Your IQ Is 110

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Random thoughts for today
1. I really really really hate being crammed in the back of a car for three hours on a trip to Memphis. It's wierd. I have all the scary small towns between Little Rock and Memphis memorized by now. For some odd reason, small towns are fascinating and terrifying to me. I don't know why. All that wide open space ... it's so sublime. And I am quite familiar with the McDonald's in Brinkley ... what Memphis trip would be complete without a stop at the golden arches about an hour out of Little Rock. That is one well-placed establishment.
2. I hate Mariah Carey ... why do I listen to her music so much. I'm scared for myself.
3. I just started reading Amy Tan's "The Hundred Secret Senses". So far so good. If you haven't read Tan, you've been missing. It's been a long time since I've had "non-academic" reading. It's nice to read for fun ... though I found myself analyzing Tan's amazingly complex characters and themes of immigration and ethnic generations. It really speaks to me especially because I'm one of those generations who has lost touch with my Asian roots. In this book, the main character is particularly interesting to me because like me, Olivia is half-Asian - more closely related to her American upbringing than her Asian heritage. I'll keep ya posted.
4. There's nothing quite as dehumanizing as a stroll through an Abercrombie and Fitch store. I'm not quite sure but I think the customers are actually mannequins. How can they all look so alike?
5. My new favorite sushi roll ... crunchy shrimp with eel sauce. Last meal kinda food.

Sleep beckons

PIM again and Myspace


Life changes
nerves keep loud
To be safe in a sane drought
we break to laugh

BTW, I have MySpace

Check me out!
Of course, it'll end up like my Friendster account and the many other ghost accounts all over the Net. Who know what I've shared about myself to total stranger?